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$39 for Teeth-Whitening Treatment ($129 Value)

Get that perfect white smile that other will envy!

You get one Teeth Whitening treatment session (a $129 value).

The safe, FDA- and ADA-approved Pro White whitening-system procedure painlessly penetrates to the source of dental disrepair, whitewashing staining agents into oblivion and restoring orthodontic luster. Upon your arrival, staffers supply you with a transparent mouthpiece infused with carbomide-peroxide gel, the active ingredient notorious for brown-nosing in introductory chemistry.

Once the mouthpiece is secured around your mouth's ivory parabolas, an LED lamp basks chompers in cold, blue light, which accelerates the gel's metamorphosis from innocuous goo into omnipotent tooth sprucer. Aided by the light, active ingredients enter tooth enamel and bleach embedded discoloration left by unchecked coffee guzzling, citrus binges, and mud gargling.

The procedure typically lasts about 20 minutes, and can brighten mealy molars and dull bicuspids up to seven shades. Results vary depending on how well the enamel reacts to peroxide, and more lasting results will be granted to those who evade tarnishing miscreants such as tea, dark-colored sodas, berries, and candy for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

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